The Amsterdam School in Holland

Klonk Utrecht Postkantoor
Clock in the former postal office in Utrecht
WENDINGEN – Digital platform for the Amsterdam School 

Even though the Amsterdam School refers to the capital city, examples of the Amsterdam School can be found throughout the country. Amsterdam School Museum ‘Het Schip’ is committed to document this cultural heritage and share it on the platform of Wendingen. The online platform makes it possible for connoisseurs and enthusiasts to create one big index that is inclusive of all the varieties of objects that the Amsterdam School style can be found in, e.g.: jewelry, housing blocks, bridges or stained-glass. The platform makes it possible to easily connect with fellow enthusiasts and/or professionals in the Netherlands.

For the inventory the platform collaborates as much as possible with other institutions and organizations in the professional field. Thanks to the great help of many different archives, architectural institutions, museums and professionals, we have collected a lot of historical information that all can be found on Wendingen. Wendingen makes it possible to see different relationships between different artistic disciplines, because what do a villapark in Bergen, water towers in Groningen, textile- and glass patterns from Rotterdam and a artist studio in Geulle have in common?

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