Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Living In the Amsterdam School. Designs for the interior 1910-1930
9 April – 28 August 2016

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

For the very first time, the Stedelijk Museum is mounting a large-scale presentation dedicated to Amsterdam School interior design: furniture, lamps, clocks, ceramics and textiles, and graphic designs such as those for wallpaper.
The movement’s abundance of expressive forms was not only unique in the Netherlands, it also had international impact. In this major survey, over 500 objects are on view from designers including Laurens and Willem Bogtman, Joseph Crouwel, De Nieuwe Honsel, Jaap Gidding, Dick Greiner, Michel de Klerk, Piet Kramer, Hildo Krop, Joan Melchior van der Mey, Gustaaf Adolf Roobol and H.Th. Wijdeveld.

The exhibition will also feature a separate lounge area where visitors can try their hand at making their own contemporary Amsterdam School clock, and discover the techniques the designers used. The exhibition is accompanied by an in-depth, richly illustrated publication.

The Stedelijk’s special Tumblr page presents news about the research conducted into the furniture and other design by the Amsterdam School. The site also contains, among other things, background information on the clock design by De Klerk that was recently rediscovered, and which the museum was able to purchase last year, along with other unusual finds and a short video of a collector in his Amsterdam School interior. Curator Ingeborg de Roode issued a public announcement for details and information about Amsterdam School design, which garnered many enthusiastic responses from people who have a lamp or other object, in their home. Many of the designs are featured in the exhibition.

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