Amsterdam School Museum ‘Het Schip’

Museum ‘Het Schip’ is expanding!
Festive opening: b
efore the summer
'The Ship' designed by Michel de Klerk (1914 - 1921)
‘The Ship’ designed by Michel de Klerk (1914 – 1921)

In 2016, the Amsterdam School Museum ‘Het Schip’ opens a new, extended space measuring 1200 square meters. The world famous ‘workers’ palace’ built in 1919 by Michel de Klerk for housing federation Eigen Haard has been home to Museum Het Schip since 2001. On display is the interior of a former post office and museum apartment, installed in a presentation space beneath the tower. This is where visitors will be able to explore the Expressionist architecture of the Amsterdam School, and its links to art and politics. As a project for working class housing, this project is unique in its application of innovative architecture. The museum’s first temporary exhibition focuses on the recent renovation of the entire block by housing federation Eigen Haard, which was done using traditional craft methods.
Museum Het Schip is also offering activities as part of the popular and varied program of guided tours, tours by bus, boat and bike, and special guided tours including high tea served at the Shipping House. Visitor center De Dageraad of housing federation De Alliantie on the Burgemeester Tellegenstraat, also provides a wealth of information about the Amsterdam School in this neighborhood.
And there’s also WENDINGEN a virtual museum and platform for the Amsterdam School throughout the Netherlands.

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