100 Years of Inspiration – the influence of the Amsterdam School on contemporary building
14 April – 30 September 2016

The social housing projects designed by the Amsterdam School rank among the highpoints of Dutch architecture and can be admired throughout the city. ARCAM, Amsterdam’s center for architecture, is staging a photo exhibition examining the influence of the Amsterdam School on contemporary architecture and urban design.
The choice of the Amsterdam School architects for brick and ornament, for the facade as means of expression and the housing block as a key urban design feature, combine to form a public statement. Today, we are seeing a revaluation of these design choices in materials, architecture, and urban design development. In ‘100 Years of Inspiration’ we present ten distinctive projects recently completed in Amsterdam that reveal visible affinities with the Amsterdam School.
Brede School Het Meervoud built in 2013 on the August Allebéplein by the architectural firm Marlies Rohmer deploys elements of the Amsterdam School at material level. In its design of the De Kraaipanschool in 2013, architectural firm Hoogeveen found inspiration in the existing housing blocks in the Transvaalbuurt. Elements of the Amsterdam School style can be found at numerous sites throughout the neighborhood. The Kraaipanschool was nominated for the Gouden Amsterdamse Architectuur Prijs (A.A.P.) 2014. The resurgence of interest in the social housing movement can be seen in the layout of the Houthavens, one of Amsterdam’s former harbor areas currently being transformed into a new urban residential development.

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